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Aerial Options is proud to be able to offer any number of fire truck replacement parts and assemblies for ALL OEM manufacturers. This is due in part from a very long history in the Aerial Market providing parts like telescopic Waterways, Multifunction Swivels and Manifold systems. Started in 1983 as J&J Machine exposure to the fire industry began in 1987. It started with Vernon Wissler changing how many of the assemblies were made. Through innovative design and patents, the products evolved. This continued when J&J Machine was acquired by Amity Machine in 1993, and Vernon was installed as president of the company.

During the time from 1993 to 2005 there was unprecedented growth by Amity due to the innovative designs and leadership provided by Vernon and Wendy Wissler. After parting ways in 2005 Aerial Options was formed with the same commitment to quality and innovation. We are a leader in the Industry and continue to strive for customer satisfaction through superior designs and placing the customer first.